As you choose a residential roofing contractor, it’s crucial to interview them personally and have a written contract for the repair of your residential roof. But before you meet with a particular roofing contractor, make sure to check out their website and come up with a list of questions you can ask them. Listed below are some of the vital questions that can help you get started: 


Is there a warranty on the product and service? 

Roofing materials companies warranty their products and make sure that the contractors who will install them are certified, roofers. Moreover, most of these contractors will give an installation warranty. Try to ask whether your prospective roofer provides a warranty and, if that’s the case, know how long it’ll last and what is comprised in the warranty.  

Does your company work with insurance companies? 

If you’re planning to make a claim for the damage on your roof, see to it that the residential roofing company you’re about to work with are capable of dealing with insurance companies. You can get numerous advantages if you work with a roofer who has this experience, such as spotting roof damage discrepancies, determining a low settlement, working through a denied claim, and helping you to get a fair estimate.  

Do you have references from your jobs before? 

A lot of roofing companies can provide you 3-5 people to contact who can give you some insights and feedback they had for the company. But, be careful with this because the references they provide are mostly scripted. A reputable roofing contractor is willing to give you a long list of individuals that they’ve worked for before that you can randomly select from and contact for a reference.  

Once you contact these people, don’t hesitate to inquire whether they had any issues with the company. If that happens, try to determine how did the company fixed it. With that, you can get an idea of what it would be like to work with this particular roofer. Other companies may even provide you an address so that you can check the finished work on your own.  

What roofing types do you usually deal with? 

This question is very important to ask since not all companies that specialize in residential roofing deal with all roofing types. You need to hire e residential roofing contractor that has experience in terms of replacing or repairing the roof that’s the same as what you have. A lot of companies are willing to provide a portfolio of their projects with images of the projects that they have successfully finished before. When they have a portfolio, check it out and find a project that’s the same as yours.  

Do you have insurance? 

Make sure that your prospective roofing company has liability insurance. Also, ask for a copy of the company insurance documentation to protect yourself. Moreover, this insurance must cover any home damage that may happen as you start your roof installation project.